Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Unpredictable God ...... WHO NEVER CHANGES

God is the same yesterday today and forever, and yet His ways with His children are so incredibly different that it's a wonder to think about how he fashions our lives so that we grasp the fact that relationship to Him is unique, though He is the Father of all of the adopted in Christ.

Some people meet their spouse and both know it within a week, and with honor they proceed into engagement within 3-6 months and get married with all the bliss and happiness of a fairytale.....even their first years are not as horrid as some other marrieds have warned against.........

Others date for their 1 year, check it off their list and proceed as sweetly as a nostalgic Kenney Chesney song.

Just reflecting today on how "not like that" the road has been for Brent and I-
4 years of heart turmoil and sorrow.......the off and on again of God's keeping Brent in my life, even moving us to the same church without the other's knowledge - and the entire time He was teaching me to love the person I love the MOST in this life, LESS than Christ.
He has mercifully crucified my affections for heart had never been so broken and so strong as it was on Feb 18th 2007
But unbeknownst to me - the Lord was fashioning Brent to be my husband, and he returned for me just 3 months later. 2007 was the worst - and best - year of my life.

It's all coming together ~
The most plainly seen of all of the reasons for God's putting our relationship through the fire as He did - seems to be so that we would not seek our ultimate joy and satisfaction from each other. My heart is still in need of more understanding in this.....but I've let go of much of the grasping for life-giving hope from a temporal source, even my own husband.
Something in my heart is surrendering just I read the text in Luke 8 - the parable of the seeds. I don't want the seed to be choked out by the cares of this life.........and no matter how many years we are in the faith, this could include us....

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At 11/24/2007 11:52 AM, Anonymous Heidi said...

Yours is such a beautiful story--and the further realization that without Christ it would be meaningless is a good reminder for me. HE is the source of our hope and joy!

I can still (as a married woman) get caught up in the dreamery of those perfect "fairy tale romances," even though I know perfectly well that Snow White and Prince Charming also must have fought over whose turn it was to do the dishes. And he probably wanted her to buy new lingerie every now and again, too ("You know, honey. Those puff sleeves just aren't doin' it for me anymore..."). :)


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