Sunday, October 09, 2011

Persecution & Suffering

Listened to a tremendous radio program today....blunt and provoking. Todd Friel :) Very timely for me, as I've been being stirred by sermons at church back to boldness. My heart thrives when I get into discussions about the Savior ....even if the other person does not know him nor love him.

There were a few clips from pastors saying very bold things.......about the gospel...not about their legalistic points of view. I forget the pastor's name who was throwing down, but he was dead on. One of them said "Be prepared to be called arrogant." the other said "You want to suffer? Go share the Christ with every person on your street and press it to the point where they know that they will go straight to hell if they leave this world without Christ. You'll suffer. You want to suffer? Call up all the apostate pastors in your area that aren't preaching the gospel of Christ and tell them to get with the biblical program; You'll suffer."


How lazy have we been? Our love does not make us bold enough for those we claim to love. Instead we preserve our comfort and our 'likability" by being cowards. I am convicted by this small snip it and encouraged tremendously.

The other part of the show he spent discussing how frothy 'christian' music is. I don't even think you can call MOST of it's so grey....and so....unbiblical. it takes no courage to write songs about life.....I am not a musician, but if I were, I guess I just can't fathom how any artist can say "I'm a Christian, but we are not a Christian band." What in the world? How in the? If you are saved, and you love Christ, He permeates EVERY area of your life, and I would think ESPECIALLY your art that is pouring out lyrics from your heart? I dunno....anyhow. Todd went on, and I whole heartedly agree with him that there are so many talented BIBLICAL Christian Rap artists who are so much more bible saturated that a believer's heart can be lifted up into praise much more than by what they play on the 'christian radio'. I've been to churches that have a fire in their eyes and almost a condemnation in their tone about 'christian rap'. They have no idea what they are doing when they speak against much of it........perhaps they are so removed from the culture that they are clueless as to how HUGE rap and hip hop are in my neighborhood and the young adults? It's absurd even from the point of being a missionary to the USA. Since, if we were going to go to Africa or to Asia, we would learn the culture, we would worship God with their instruments and in their special way....we would not force them to sing old school hymns and buy a piano or a super out dated ORGAN!!!

I'm rambling....just had to get this off my chest..........I know that I have been de-friended on Facebook by many people lately for a link to a pro life deal by Ray Comfort. As long as I tell the truth in love, and am pure in my intentions to see my dear family and friends embrace the truth.....God going with me, I assume I am about to lose a great deal more than facebook friends.

Up out for now,


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