Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another great day.....

I get to spend time with my dear friend Jamie Ski tonight.....somehow, we always end up meeting older people (we're in our early 30s and meet people in their 80s) It's odd....and's a blast! Might talk her into going to a pub tonight. I want to see God open doors with unbelievers....I want to see the lost sheep saved. Gotta go to lost sheep places to find lost sheep hank....there's no way around it. Burst that Christian bubble and start small. Go to Perkins and start a conversation with someone you don't know. I go to Perkins by myself sometimes just to read/ clear my head. (and enjoy their coffee) And there is ALWAYS someone there by themselves too. I'm just sayin.

How will they call upon Him unless they have heard of him?
How will they hear if no one tells them?
How will someone tell them......oh, they will obey the joyful commission. What a rush.
Lord willing, I will remember to blog tomorrow.......and, more often.
I have a ton going on in my life/mind lately and am going to have to do the whole blog organizing thing.....categorizing the posts so that you don't need to read about my kids/diet/personal thoughts/theology if you don't want to....then again, you could always just click on the close button........hmmm....

too much coffee this morning.......

Up out,


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