Sunday, April 18, 2010

BASIC Christianity.......

In light of my favorite 'Christian' artist coming out of the closet announcing her homosexuality my heart is grieved and discussions with unbelievers are pretty much fruitless.

To get past the fact that Jennifer Knapp's sin is homosexuality to the heart of the issue is what I hope to do with this post.
It is not that her sin is any more wicked than any of the sins that I'VE committed in the last 24 comes down to agreeing with God when it comes to right and wrong. He created us, he knows our tendencies to certain sinful ways......for some they may be inclined to lust and rent pornography, for others, they might tell white lies or cheat on their taxes, and some may just hate people in their hearts, which God says is the same as murder.

All sin is wicked.

To lie to your boss about a 'sick day' and think that you will tell God that you were somehow 'right' in doing what you were doing is foolishness. He has FLAT out commanded humans to not just because you had a much needed day off, and got much done around the house, does not justify the means you used to get what you wanted.

There is a Godly woman that I know that I met on a cruise ship 2 years ago. She was a homosexual Christian for about 20 years. She struggled SO hard with the reality that she was more attracted to women and that she loved the Lord.
So, she attended a church that made provision for her flesh....a church that told her that God would not have made her this way if it was a sin. This lady, by God's kindness in opening her eyes, saw through the myriad of lies and dismissing of scripture and repented to God. With God's help she hasn't struggled with thoughts towards women in over 27 years and she's been happily married for over 22.

Hearing her struggle with her sexuality gave me great compassion for others who might be in the same boat........with love we must discuss these things.....not with signs that say "God hates fags" (my heart breaks thinking that someone who is in the position my friend was in might drive by that sign and weep their eyes out for despair with all the confusion)

"Love your neighbor as yourself."
Love your homosexual your lying neighbor, love your selfish neighbor........because your sin is just as ugly.

Love them enough to tell them the truth........that Christ paid for their sinfulness, not just their homosexual lusts, but for their lying, their hatred, their stealing, and their not loving Him first and trusting Him to supply all their needs.
Love them enough to be vocal about the cruel hypocrites standing with signs saying horrible hateful things.

and love your brothers and sisters in Christ enough to cease fellowship with them if they continue to choose that which God hates, be on your knees for them, in tears for them, pleading that God would soften their hearts.

I feel as though I have known Jennifer Knapp. Her music has been a huge means of grace for me, and she was one of the first Christian artists I had listened to after being saved in 2000.
I wrote this to challenge my own heart to not be wrathful toward her, but to let my heart be broken over her sin as I thought she was my sister. I will pray for her.....may the Lord do what seems best to him.

in Christ,


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