Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Being AMAZED by the God of the Bible.......

Pastor Piper one time was speaking about how it is a sin to preach a sermon about the God of the bible in a boring way....I couldn't agree more. :)
He spoke about the amazement of little children and how they NEVER tire of hearing the same stories OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.......being altogether caught up in the situation that their imagination creates. He talked about how Adam and Eve must have been just blown away by the day to day faithfulness of the God they walked with....suggesting a picture of Eve rising early in the morning and shoving Adam with excitement in her voice saying "Get up Adam, get up!!! Look, the sun is here - HE DID IT AGAIN!!!" :)

Who God is -IS what He does. He is kind to the just and the unjust in the common graces of else does a sinful unbeliever profess Atheism and yet finds that they can walk and talk and kiss a baby's face and enjoy a sunset and have health and food to eat that doesn't poison them???? selah.

Yet, He judges some with justice and gives others mercy, Moses AND Pharaoh had both committed murder. One was brought through the water to safety, the other was destroyed by the wrath of God for his sin.
Psalm 115:3
"Our God is in the heavens;
he does all that he pleases"

With all of life's ups and downs - joys and trials.....the Lord has been faithful - always. Going into the new phase of being a parent, with all of the unknowns.....with jobs, finances, locations, etc.....could make the average person, who knows nothing about the God of the universe tremble. But rich or poor, eating bread or eating steak.....we must struggle to see the kindness of the Lord- and with thankful hearts praise Him for WHO he is.

"I will sing of your mercy that leads me through valleys of sorrow to rivers of joy."
~ jars of clay


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