Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Basic daily obedience is better worship than all the songs in all the world.

Perhaps I'm the only one, but I'd thought I'd throw this out there anyway.

You ever notice how hard it is to sing worship songs to God when you KNOW that you have been stubborn and hard hearted against the Spirit's nudging you to do the right things throughout your days? Singing is the LAST thing I want to matter how much I love the songs about the Lord!

I feel like a hypocrite, because I am one. I'm singing about how much I love the Lord and how mighty He is to save and to help me live uprightly, when all the recent days have been lived as though that were not true at all.

The smallest obedience, how EVER difficult it may be- keeps open the heartfelt, honest and humble enjoyment of fellowship with the Lord God. That I forget that it is SO worth it to obey to be able to move easily into prayer and songs of worship is a sad reality.

I'm in love with this song by Sovereign Grace and am memorizing it lately to be able to sing songs of praise to my Father in heaven with the child that Brent and I are expecting.
Which is how I came to realize that the impact of the words on my heart are different; If I am walking uprightly, the words are sweet enough to make me weep with gratitude. If I have been disobedient, I still weep, but it's more due to the grief of what I still am in the flesh.
Thank God for Jesus.

O great God of highest heaven
Occupy my lowly heart
Own it all and reign supreme
Conquer every rebel power
Let no vice or sin remain
That resists Your holy war
You have loved and purchased me
Make me Yours forevermore

I was blinded by my sin
Had no ears to hear Your voice
Did not know Your love within
Had no taste for heaven’s joys
Then Your Spirit gave me life
Opened up Your Word to me
Through the gospel of Your Son
Gave me endless hope and peace

Help me now to live a life
That’s dependent on Your grace
Keep my heart and guard my soul
From the evils that I face
You are worthy to be praised
With my every thought and deed
O great God of highest heaven
Glorify Your Name through me


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