Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long Time, No Post.

I'm not sure what to make of the place I'm in lately.
I'm really happy........and really ready for whatever is next.......and I can't sit still.

Things are going well, a little too well.........
This may sound crazy, but it seems like without trials we (humans) get a bit too comfortable with this life......

So, speaking of comfortable - today marks the first day that I've heard gun shots fired outside my home. God didn't even let my pulse raise......I know that this is WHY we're here.
I called 911 to report it, as it sounded like it was in my backyard.....and then text my husband to let him know. 6:18am; Seems to be the time when the night crawlers get ready to head to bed.
(my husband lovingly reminded me who controls bullets, though I was already peaced out about it :)

If you don't know or haven't heard, we bought a home in North Minneapolis, and have recently started to pursue membership at a local congregation here; The people in this congregation have a tremendous love and drive to reach the gang members and drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes in the area. They even just recently did an outreach last Sunday and spoke with about 48 gangsters...sharing the need to turn from sin and be reconciled to God before God pulls their card. My husband is involved in the ministry to the poor in the community via the food donations distribution, but is hoping to get involved on the front lines with the gang bangers.

As of right now, I try not to think about what could happen if he goes onto gang turf at night and meets some gangster who has a gun and doesn't want to hear the gospel. "What would I do without my husband?" comes into my mind often.....but the fear that gets stirred up is destroyed by the truth very quickly by God's grace.

These people are killing each other, many are within weeks/months of standing before a Holy God. I fear for them much more than for my husband, who soul was ransomed by God over 10 years ago. What a legacy he would leave, loving those who hate him, risking his life to tell them of the good news that God has every right to send us to hell, but has made a way of escape.


My prayer now is that my husband would be ever more distracted by eternal things.......seeing thugs as eternal beings, in need of mercy, just like the rest of us. My co-workers and friends and family are no different....their sin is just different. Jesus said that Lust is the same as Adultery, and Hatred is the same as Murder......that the sin of the heart is what God sees, and our OWN consciences will accuse us on judgment day. We know we do wrong, but we shhh our conscience ....just like taking the battery out of the smoke detector, so that it quits annoying us.

Today is the day. God said that the first time Jesus came, he came NOT to condemn the world but to save it. NEXT time he comes however, he will be angry with those who have spurned the blood of the covenant, either by believing that they can EARN his favor, or by their rejecting His provision of the substitutionary bleeder.

"The best obedience of my hands,
Dares not appear before Thy throne.
But Faith can lift, Thy demands,
By pleading what my Lord has done."

Boasting and hoping ONLY in the cross of my Savior,


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