Monday, May 12, 2008

MYANMAR- easy to solve "who dunnit?"

Tragedy by a Sovereignty who is jealous for His Name's sake.....

Many people in the 'christian' community deny the Holy wrath of God Almighty as displayed in the old testament because they wish to protect God's character..(his attribute of Mercy).........when His whole character - his HOLINESS is what needs NOT to be hidden from those of the world.  (twas grace that taught my heart to fear - what?............................. Just Wrath)  God is the same yesterday today and forever.....can I get an AMEN? :) heh...always wanted to type that. 

It doesn't take long to search the scripture to find that the Lord God is a jealous God......he overthrows kingdoms and destroys peoples........and He is doing no one any wrong in taking back what he has given.  Life. 

I cut and pasted this news article online about Myanmar's religious culture and priorites:
"In 1999 they (they Myanmar military) regilded the spire of the Shwedagon Pagoda, which now glitters with 53 tons of gold and 4,341 diamonds on the crowning orb."

Forgive my frankness.........and perhaps some insensitivity........but it takes circumstances this tragic to find out what we REALLY believe about the God of the Bible. 
So many rise to defend him and to say that Satan is the ultimate power in the universe and causes all these things.....but's some texts that shed some light on the ultimate power in the universe: 

Is 31:2 
"And yet He is wise and brings disaster; he does not call back his words, but will arise against the house of evildoers and against the helpers of those who work iniquity." 

Amos 3:6 
"Is a trumpet blown in a city, and the people are not afraid? Does disaster come to a city unless the LORD has done it ? " 

If you have a minute and doubt like Thomas the wrath of a Holy God.....please take a minute and go to and search the word 'disaster'......the LORD is the one who's purposes are made known....whether he doesn't bring it or if he destroys many is a part of WHO HE IS.  

WHICH is why we call it "being saved"  John MacArthur gave a simple wonderful explanation 
"People are pretty surprised to find out that they need to be saved BY God FROM God" 

If you have never trembled before a Holy God.......take in the images from on Myanmar and now China.  Primarily Burmese devout Buddhists.....and remember......our idols are just different....perhaps they aren't made of gold.....but they're going down regardless.

"God the Son the only one, with a plan to redeem.
Stronger than the Army, Navy, Airforce and the Marines.
Elohim the A to Z and all that's in between, 
the Supreme who could've let us fall - but he intervened.
So Hail the King, Priest and Prophet, 
the inexhaustible topic, 
the person of God you can peep with your optic." 
 - crossmovement 

love in truth, 

I'll edit tomorrow....I'm sleepy. 


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