Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nowhere to run........

So...our huge sailing ship is docked here in Costa Rica......even though we´re on land, it feels like the ground is´s the most odd feeling ever........well, for Jamie and I....the other´s probably meeting two blonde girls who are not at all what they probably assumed...

There are more crew members than passengers....the food is superb.....and being served is very hard as a believer. You just know deep down that you should not be treated so a sinner.

Yep....God has opened the door for the word....awkward as it´s a tremendous blesssing.
Yesterday at breakfast, in an effort to dig for my juice plus in my windstar bag....I took my bible out and set it on the table. THAT seemed to be the HUGE invite for people to come and talk with us about ¨what they believe and don´t believe about God¨
I´m amazed at the pluralism that permeates people EVEN in their 40s and 50s.
So much ¨believe this or that, whatever is ´right´for you¨ crap.
Praise the Lord for the grace to meet them in their heresy and gently offer the and white OBJECTIVE truth about the I AM who says ¨I AM WHO I AM¨ not I am who you want me to be. One man was broken over the question of all questions and seemed to be searching my face for an answer........He wept as he told us of how his dear friend had passed away at a young age of cancer, leaving a wife and children behind. I was feeling his grief in some way I never have before felt for someone I didn´t know.....I even wanted to hug him as if he was my grandpa......
Instead of potentially weirding him out, I prayed as I set my heart to assure him that God does what he pleases for His glory, and that He feels complex emotions even as he ordains things such as this. Jesus wept over Jerusalem, even though he spoke of how not all Jews would believe because they were not of His sheep. He loves and He is Sovereign. Both.
¨God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked¨
¨Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints.¨
It may sound as a harsh truth to share in that moment....but Jamie is my witness....God gave me compassion in how I said it - Thanks be to Christ !

During THIS conversation, other people........seemed to be lingering. One of the crew members was a believer.....and came up to us refreshed and excited.....turns out he is the only Christian on the whole crew.......all of the others were either Muslim or Catholic.

Also, we met a tremendous couple who know God´s amazing grace so well that you can SEE it in their eyes as they talk about the Savior. They have been married for 20 years - BOTH were formerly living in the gay lifestyle. (She a lesbian, he was gay)
Their tenderness and compassion for broken sinners was absolutely beautiful. I´ll probably commit a whole post to our dinner with them last night on the ship......OH the Love of our God.....His steadfast love to those who live for Him and love His Son is endless.

After sharing the gospel with a few people that day, the savoring of it myself was increased about 100 fold. I went to the front of the ship....looking for a place to watch the ocean that my God had parted all those years just kneel in adoration of His power and love and kindness and mercy.........but there were people everywhere.

It so odd when you share the realize just how wretched you are and how far away from Holy you are.......and you long to get lower before God....for Him to change your wicked heart to feel and act rightly.

It´s only far, no persecution....just a bit of awkwardness as the word has spread that we are lovers of Jesus throughout the entire ship - crew and passengers.
Lord willing, Jamie and I will be faithful to His word.....regardless of the outcome.

May the Lord be glorified through us worthless clay pots that are holding this most precious treasure.
Christ crucified. Risen. Reigning. Please pray for us family in the Lord - to see fruit.

Jesus, you are everything to me.
your sheep,


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