Monday, December 31, 2007

Not So Easily Encouraged ~ Yet I am today!!!

Hey hey......I wish that I had more circumstances to speak of that are truly inspiring. But I guess it's probably the mediocrity that we've all settled for that makes Christianity so hum drum and as if heaven and hell aren't at stake in everything we do.
That, or perhaps the fact that people are quiet about what the Lord has been up to in their the things I can't see...I don't hear about either.....

All that just to say how amazingly encouraged I have been by a dear sister from the Rock lately.......Seeing the hope there was for her in obeying the Lord (by obeying your husband) and trusting her Father in Heaven to provide for them and for her if she would obey -
THEN it seemed that the joy she had was magnified because of the trust that was there all along. I long to obey my God as she does in this area.......For Christ's Name and for my husband's good. She didn't submit begrudgingly........but trusted the Lord with expectation, knowing that her Father knows all her needs :)
AGH - I can't tell you how what a blessing that was my dear friend.
Thanks AT....I love you and I thank God for your example of faith and love.
May the Lord bless you even more with grace to obey and joy in seeing Him fulfill his promises to those who do.

In Christ Jesus,


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