Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God's Poem written by my loving husband Brent.
Knowing how edifying this was for me, I asked Brent if I could post it on my blog. (He hesitantly agreed)
May the Lord encourage your heart as he did mine - with a view of gospel love in marriage.
The Lord (and Brent) knew that I was beginning to realize that everything natural in me needs to be crucified as I un-learn our culture's ways and low view of marriage.......and that I was absolutely desperate for Christ's help.

"My wife so gently graven, your name written…saven
On divine's own incarnate breast you lie,
As the old bows down and learns to die. Rest awaits your swollen heart to a promise…
grace imparts -
Arms widely stretched, bleeding hands - shows to all, what love commands."

Strengthened in my weakness,


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