Friday, November 23, 2007

How do we convince ourselves and others -
that the gospel is not about SELF ESTEEM ??

So, yesterday I found myself being challenged to submit to the Lord through the most simple things that Brent asked me to do.......Oh, sure I did what he asked me to, but not without making it known that I was not happy about it.
Thank God for grace that he has extended to me through my loving husband......but after forgiveness, HOW am I supposed to overcome such a stubborn disposition??

Any texts that come to your mind??......please post :)
Any challenges that you women have faced and by God's grace were able to overcome - to be meek and gentle AND joyful in their submission to authority would be a great blessing.

Listening to a sermon today on "submitting to one another in marriage" was helpful somewhat......knowing that submitting is what Christ Jesus did for us.....he 'got under us to lift us up to God' - demonstrated by his prayer in Gethsemane that he would not have to drink of the cup of wrath, but that he would if it be God's will......that he would do and suffer what was required to save His beloved bride. Also demonstrated in his getting on the ground to wash the dirty stinky feet of sinful humans (his disciples) to show us what real leadership looks like.
I get it - that it takes a strong and intelligent and self controlled woman to submit - it is NOT easy to go against the flesh.....but by the Grace of God.

Can't get this song out of my heart these last few days -

"So I come into your chambers, and I dance at your feet Lord.
You are my Savior, and I'm at your mercy.
All that has been in my life up till now.....
Belongs to you. You are still Holy."

Starting now, God give us meekness that is bold enough to love as you have.
Cast out fear and strengthen our hearts in the Joy of fellowship with you Father.

your sheep.


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