Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IN Response to : Opinion Exchange, published in the Star Tribune Oct 15, 2007

I write much on my blog……..hardly about politics nor ‘rights’ to this or that (religion and state) but I wonder if you have to be hard core liberal to have an opinion worth printing in our city paper…..before ever attempting that....I thought I’d write on my blog first.

Specifically I’m responding to the articles from Monday Oct 15th.
Constantly - I see people raging against our leadership – democrats and republicans alike.
The ‘cry’ of so many people (some in my own family) is to “end the war” and that “war doesn’t solve anything” blah blah rotten blah.

Ignorance and arrogance go completely hand in hand typically and this opinion is no exception
and sadly - it is rampant.
I’m near ill whenever I see the rebellion against the leadership of our nation.
Do they not know that a city divided against itself is sure to fall???

I have to say that no matter who gets elected, we as Americans (especially believers in a God who puts leaders in place -Romans 13:1) need to trust that they will be doing what is best with the information that they have… in – PRIVILEGED information.
It’s funny to me how we are on a 'need to know basis', and for our security, we know very little……and the freedom of speech, being taken WAY too far by people who have a lack of understanding, not to mention NO respect for authority, has people bold enough to try to tell the president how to do this or thus....when all the while he knows far more than we do about our national security. Protesting by pouring their own blood on themselves and the flag to prove some point about hating war?

The truth is, that there ARE many muslims living among us (as mentioned in a tasteless way by a man whom I will not name in the same paper)
While we do know that we are to love all people.....absolutely....we cannot be ignorant for the sake of not making waves. As I've been learning little by little.......being made more aware of what their religion teaches through bios of former hard core muslims.....makes me trust our actions in the mid-east and our president's decisions more every day.

While the president stated that all religions are the "same" and I was disappointed.......
I do remember that he is leading a nation that is trying to pursue racial harmony and demolish discrimination against any people group, has a tremendously sensitive duty laid upon himself to pursue a certain religiously / ethnically affiliated group of people who are dead set on turning us to Islam OR wiping us off the face of the earth.
They are not obligated under their religion to tell you us the truth.
They are allowed to deny their faith in their god (it is not a sin in their religion) if it will save their necks. The Qu'ran DOES tell them that we, the "people of the book" are not to be taken as friends. I'm still reading their book, and can't tell you how haunting it is that 1/2 of the book is about their god, and half of it is about how to be/what to do around the Jews and Christians.
Guard your heart against hate with all your might, but let us not be foolish in our understanding of what sort of war this really is. I know so very little, and the little I know causes me to tremble at what may come in the next days/years.

In the meantime, as the sinfilled agendas are being pushed by a small group of liberals who claim their being discriminated against because what they deem as marriage is 'not so from the beginning' - let us remember and act ~

"All that needs to be done for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing"
~ Luther

I can't let my life be wasted......and am thinking of getting politically little ways first. Anyone in Mpls involved....please post ideas of how to be engaged in our communities.
I know of a few ways:

The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer fund ? Yeah, might want to look into that before donating.
When last I investigated (couple years ago, prior to being a part of the 3 day) they were giving 50% of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood.
So........."save lives" on one hand and "kill babies" on the other. Truly not letting their right hand know what their left hand is doing.

FORD - ack....just go to the AFA website. If they continue in their pro-homosexual agenda, they will be closing plants left and right. Continue to boycott until they remove their support of the numerous gay activist groups and events. Neutral is better than being FOR wickedness.

And though my opinions come across as strong......because well, I'm opinionated.
Without love for the human beings that are held captive by sin, I am noisy gong or a clanging symbol. Suffer reproach for Christ - but whatever we do, let us not be lukewarm.

All sing to the only acceptable offering - all things reconciled by his death on the cross
To Christ be the glory and loyalty of His church.

Jen 2


At 10/17/2007 12:32 PM, Blogger Craver Vii said...


Let us know if it gets printed, 'kay?

At 10/18/2007 10:25 AM, Blogger JM said...

can I just say how much i love you? I can't wait to see your face! I know this probably won't happen, but it would be cool to get coffee/lunch with you thurs or friday before your wedding... email/call me!

your lil' sis.


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