Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HILARIOUS story from the Wright / Berg Merger :)

A bit o'background:
Brent and Ted are going to be living as bachelors for a couple months as wedding preparations are still in progress. (Ted - Oct 14, Brent Nov 2)
Well, by God's kindness, Brent is living in our (to-be) first residence, just below, occupying the first to-be Wright residence is Ted.

The funny thing is......
Last night when Brent and I were filling out our wedding invites........we heard the sound of water running.......inside the apartment. I said "Brent, do you hear that?" he just shrugged and said "yeah, sounds like someone is taking a shower"
I replied "umm, yeah, but in YOUR apartment !!?" I walked down the hall, and there was water dripping off of all sides of the sink! Water was coming up from the drain....and it was pretty warm and smelled like soap.......we grabbed a bucket and kept 'bailing' the water from the sink dumping it out in the bathtub.
Brent called Ted, no answer.
Ben came to our door and asked if knew where Ted was, because he wasn't answering the door......putting 2 and 2 together, inspector Berg figured out that the hot soapy water that filled our bathroom had to be none other than Ted taking a nice hot shower. And though we're into conservation.....umm.....bathwater is not something we'd prefer to recycle. :)

Ted finally answered......... sheepishly, and came down stairs to see what had happened due to his insatiable need to be clean. :)
And his wonderful in-laws were there helping us dry up the floor........poor Ted - can a guy just take a shower without the neighborhood knowing about it? :)

I can't wait to tell our kids all of the funny tales that come from living in the same building as our Wright friends. What a trip ~


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