Monday, October 16, 2006

Which comes first the Chicken or the Egg ?

With the things that I've seen over the last few months.....I've been thinking about how this whole deal that God provides in us what He commands of us, and there we reflect His glory. Well, the bible says that our obedience will be rewarded (Ps 19:11, 58:11, Prov 11:18, Matt 5:12, 6:1-6)
From seeking to delight ourselves in the Lord - the fruits of the Spirit of God will flow out of us.
It is a great blessing to overflow with fruits that you know are not of you.

We're commanded to be joyful and to be patient and to be kind etc, etc.......but when we obey it is God causing us to obey.......and in seeing Him incline our hearts to obey -- there we have joy and peace and patience.......kindness and gentleness flow.....and self control comes with ease it seems.
Obedience is wrought in God...and I'm finding lately that this is where my deepest joys are found. Crying out to God to turn my heart to obey His decrees. To give me a Holy disposition, so that in those moments of trial that come so suddenly, I can respond rightly in His sight and be pleasing to Him.
Psalm 119:59-60
"When I think on my ways, I turn my feet to your testimonies; I make haste and do not delay to keep your commandments."

Just my weekend meditation.
I'm still in awe that God provides obedience in us and then he rewards us for what HE'S done!!!?? Is that awesomely odd to anyone else???

Love the Lord today - let's make haste to!
As Jonathan Edwards says, "Tis' common sense that those things which are of greatest importance are the things which humans tend to make haste to is their present and immediate business." (priority #1)

And what other thing is more important than our relationship to the Almighty God of the universe - our own Father?

With a heart filled with thanksgiving to our Great God ~


At 10/16/2006 9:07 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ok, before I forget...I haven't read the post yet, but when I read the title...I totally thought it read "Which comes first the Chicken or the Frog ?"

HAHAHAHAHA - yeah, I've always wondered that too...Chicken? Frog? It's a mystery to me. Ok, I'm going to go read the post now. :)


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