Monday, September 18, 2006

"Satan does not come on the line of tempting us to sin, but on the line of shifting our point of view, and only the Spirit of God can detect this as a temptation of the devil"

Ozzie does it again.......and it lines up much with one of the missions of my pastor - to encourage us all to have a God-centered world view. We must keep watch and fight against anything that could tempt us to think from a different perspective.
Pastor Piper's pointing out what we're so easily satisfied in really hit home this weekend. What are we thinking is going to satisfy us? The world or the things of it?!!
You can put arsenic in a chocolate cake and make it taste sweet........but death is the result regardless. Likewise, when we are satisfied in our lives by temporal things like financial stability, looks, athletic abilities, jobs, family, spouses, etc.
If we are comfortable and peaceful because all is well in these areas of our lives, we have a great need to examine ourselves and see if we're in the faith. Faith is in God and through Christ.....not faith in material blessings.
So, I'm doing this heart inventory currently......and I fear that I am probably pretty blind to how I really feel joy and satisfaction in this life. Things are well with me. Is all well with my soul because my heart is resting on Christ though? Oh, I hope that God will reveal this to me.
My dad once said that if you lean too much on someone or something....and it moves, you will fall flat on your face. Well, then that just means that we should lean only on the one immovable rock!!
Cars rust, looks fade, health fails, spouses/family/friends will die......but Christ needs to remain my strength and my song.

To lunch I go, to fix my gaze on Him who never fails.
May our great God bless you with more of Himself today friends ~

Since 2000,


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