Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Great Sermon this Morning -

Thank God for brothers like RC Sproul ~ His sermon today was piercing. Good for my soul, which has been very weary lately.
He spoke about how guilt is not primarily subjective. (meaning that you not only guilty if you feel guilty) But it is've either broken God's law or you haven't....whether you have an answerable frame of heart or not.

It was very helpful because sometimes I wonder why I feel a deep conviction about certain transgressions, yet for others that I feel like I should be convicted about - there isn't the shame that I know I ought to have. He made the point that over time if we refuse to heed God's word, and allow the sense of shame to have it's sanctifying affect, (pangs of guilt) we can become calloused as David did, and not even realize the horror of his depravity. That is, until Nathan said to him "Thou art the man" and David was shattered and convicted.....he felt subjectively the truth - that he was guilty. (objectively)

Still ringing in my heart is a very powerful sermon by my pastor John Piper from March 6, 2005 called "The present affects at trembling at the wrath of God."
I could not move from my seat after that sermon for about an hour and a half. I highly recommend the sermon for any who have a desire to understand better what it is that we have been saved from.....knowing what will come upon those who do not trust in Christ.........whew.

My little brother gave me great insight to seek to align my heart more with the weight of Calvary. He told me that if I am dismissive about certain sins, and I can visibly see and know them to be wrong based on God's word, to meditate on the scriptures that speak of that particular sin until the cross and my sin collide with force enough to break through the remaining resistance and hardness of my heart. We need to fight for our consciences to become more sensitive - with all our might that we do not forget the beauty of mercy, and to lay ourselves low before God, humbly dependent on His imputed righteousness - Jesus the Christ.

More Cross Movement ~

Everyday we're going to die,
"we" meaning, me, myself and I,
or else - self will try,
to get satisfied, fulfilled inside,
But self must be killed,
That's why my 'self' will lie
In a coffin, often
Self does try,
to let greed creep in,
and be like "just get by"
That's a lie though,
because I dive low to get high, though,
cause he lifts me up like 'hydro' - easy.
But the Spirit's on the scene,
so when I try to grip the green,
instead of slipping like a fiend,
I maintain my steam, control intervenes,
and I'm reminded, that we belong to the King."

I'm not recommending morbid introspection......since we are not the focus!!!
I need to work hard to remember the grace and love of our great God more. Since true humility is not "thinking less of ourselves" - But IT IS "thinking of ourselves less."

Eph 2:8 "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God"

I'm just thinking that the sensitive conscience begets a tender heart that will have more of an urgent need to fly to Christ, and when we think more about the realities that those who are unconverted are facing tends to lead to more sincerity in our outreach.

Thank God for Jesus today ~


At 8/03/2006 9:28 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, Jen, thank you for that post! Wow. Thank you God for putting those words on Jen's heart.

I'm starting a list of must-hear sermons that have yet to grace my ears. This one just went down on it.

And you know as...[insert name here - I forgot just who said it]...for every 1 look at your sins, take 10 looks at Jesus. I quite often forget that vital part.

This has been a wonderful reminder!


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