Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Current Scoop ~ Music: Part 1

I've recently been in a very intriguing - seemingly long term debate/ conversation with regard to sacred music (hymns and old school classical) verses Christian Rap / Rock with Christ honoring lyrics. It has been proposed that Rap and Rock have "worldly culture" inspired music that contradicts the Christ honoring lyrics..........(I'm hoping to keep my mind open to whatever would give me a deeper sense of and greater love and longing after divine things)
For now, I'm holding fast to the little that I know, since I am without any hard and fast convictions on this matter........seeing that there are SO FEW bands anyway that are unashamed of Christ now days. Many go under the label of "Christian" and they call the music their "ministry" but all the while they are ambiguous as to what they are singing about. Don't get me wrong, they have a form of talent for sure......but can anyone tell me why you would call anything a ministry if you do not use it as a means to obey command of the great commission ?
I won't name any names, but I went to a festival last year here in MN, and was sooooo disappointed that EVEN at a Christian festival, many of the "artists" sang their vague music about "something bigger out there" or with the feel that "God is big, He's out there somewhere and He's nice." Most did not take even a minute to BOLDLY profess their love for the Christ. And yes, I should and do assume that they love Jesus; I only disagree with their being so quiet about it. All of that "my faith is personal" garbage seems to be just a cover for those who do not read their bibles, do not walk in the fear of the Lord, and are still in an unconverted state. For, if one REALLY believes in the Jesus of the Bible, who He claimed to be and the realities of heaven and hell - it can be concluded that it is hateful to be silent about the matter of faith.
Okay, okay...I'm opinionated....doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I'll just leave you with this ~
I think Cross Movement said it best when they said:
(that was for you Tim :)

Make sure what we give to the people is PURE,
That's why we.....
Live life in the LIGHT never take flight from the LORD.

A life given, not taken, for the lust in men,
That's why I'm driven, not shaken, by the stuff I see.
Some things may never change,
But when you believe Christ for life, you are never the same.
You want your thing to re-arrange?
Then let him hack in, change the OS on your main frame,
Your system's corrupt......And if your life were to end abrupt, then what? NOT MUCH.
Movie's over, end credits....You played a part, but the Oscar -You didn't get it.....
There's JUDGEMENT and reward - choose yours..
join me and chant the anthem of "WE"


At 7/26/2006 8:31 AM, Anonymous brett jansen said...

hi. i just came across your blog. i'm a christian in maryland who's been going to covenant life church in maryland...we're apart of a christian family called sovereign grace ministries.
as for your opinion of so-called "christian" groups, i definately agree with you. so many bands profess their "faith" with songs that don't show it. lyrically, often times they have unsound doctrine, and its all about the "experience of worship", all about how we feel about God. i'm so grateful for our worship leader Bob Kauflin who has given us great teaching on what worship really is all about. in addition, i'm so grateful that you mentioned christian rap. a lot of people think that because it's rap, its bad. people are allowed to have their preferences, but i think that as long as the content reflects praise to God, its ok. you might want to check out Curtis Allen, aka Voice, a Christian rapper who goes to my chuch. he's got great content.

At 7/26/2006 3:06 PM, Blogger Jen2 said...

Thanks for your input brother!
I believe that your church and my church are very well connected.
I attend Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. (our pastor is John Piper, perhaps you've heard of him?) I think your pastor is Josh Harris right ? (CJ Mahaney ?)

I will check out Curtis Allen, THANK you for the reference....good lyrics are hard to find. :)

At 7/26/2006 3:29 PM, Anonymous brett jansen said...

yeh, we know bethlehem baptist. sweet.


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